Nukkles Easy to Use Hand Massage Tools (1 Pair), colors will vary -

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Nukkles Easy to Use Hand Massage Tools (1 Pair), colors will vary

Brand: Nukkles
Category: #58016 in Health and Beauty (Health Care)
Price: $12.95  (Customer Reviews)
Dimension: 10.0 x 4.0 x 2.0 inches
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Product Description

Nukkles are one of a kind, hand-held massage tool that put the power of massage in the palms of your hands. With its patented flex-technology, Nukkles contour to the body, allowing anyone to provide a deeply satisfying massage experience. Use Nukkles directly over clothing or on bare skin. Either way, one touch and youll be hooked. Includes Complete Guide to Nukkles Massage instructions. Available in 3 colors. Nukkles Massage Relieve low back pain, ease headaches, tension and improve circulation. The Complete Guide to: Nukkles Massage Soothe sore muscles. 1. Place Nukkles in the palms of your hands. Do not put fingers in the domes. 2. Start at base of back and work upwards to shoulders. 3. Apply pressure with palms and move in direction of arrows. When using Nukkles for acupressure or reflexology, place fingers in domes. Use constant pressure or small rotations on strategic pressure points (see charts) to help relieve tension and headaches, soothe sore muscles and stimulate circulation. While you can give a satisfactory head massage with Nukkles, by using gentle circular motions Try placing a Nukkle under your low back or neck while reclining for a penetrating, deep massage.


  • Fun and Effective
  • Great Sale Pricing
  • Item includes 2 nukkles, colors will vary (all colors are fantastic)
  • Don't hurt those fingers- Nukkles makes massaging easy!
  • Make a great gift

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