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KeriCure 2 oz Tough Seal Pet Liquid Bandage

Brand: KeriCure
Category: #30365 in Misc. (Wound Care)
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"Soothe, seal and heal with Tough Seal first aid for pets. It's the only product you'll ever need in your dog first aid kit, cat skincare provisions or general pet wound care supplies. Keep it in your bag, take it with you on walks and have it handy around the home. If your companion pet has a minor cut, rash, bite or any other irritating skin condition, give the area a cleaning followed by a shake and quick spray of our liquid bandage. Within two minutes the offending area will be protected by an invisible seal, leaving the natural healing process to take place, without the risk of dirt or germs causing an infection. You can also use Tough Seal on sore areas that your pet regularly licks or picks to prevent sores and hot spots from getting worse. It's waterproof and sweat-proof, so licking won't cause the bandage to come off, and our non-toxic and hypoallergenic formula is safe even if ingested. Once Tough Seal dries, it forms a stretchy film that can withstand all the natural movements your pet makes. Running, jumping and getting into mischief is no problem for Tough Seal. It'll remain intact, mimicking the natural barrier properties of the skin. Once the healing process has finished, the bandage will come off naturally. And because it's water based, it doesn't cause a stinging sensation. It also helps to hydrate the skin, especially useful if your pet has dry, irritated areas.


  • PROTECT AGAINST INFECTIONS AND STOP BLEEDING - Soothe, seal and protect with Tough Seal spray-on bandage for pets. Use our pet wound care liquid bandage to seal bleeding cuts, scratches, sores and bites. Tough Seal helps speed up healing by blocking out dirt and bacteria with KeriCure's revolutionary nanopolymer barrier. Once wounds heal, the bandage falls off naturally. Waterproof and sweat-proof, it's 100% safe if licked and is ideal after surgeries and for cuts after nail clipping
  • SOOTHE REDNESS AND IRRITATION- Bites, burns, rashes and sores can all cause unpleasant inflammation, burning and irritation. One simple spray of Tough Seal liquid bandage is enough to treat any sensitive area of skin. It forms an invisible, breathable barrier to heal sores, calm redness and desensitize dog hot spots, delivering moisture to soothe dryness. Soothe your pet's constant itching and licking the way nature intended
  • THE ONLY DOG FIRST AID KIT YOU'LL NEED! - Seal cuts, sores and burns, soothe pain and itching and care for skin irritations, rashes, nail tears and cat and dog hot spots. There's no need for wound salves, ointments and creams with this all-in-one alternative to traditional bandages and wraps. Simply use this effective, water-based, spray-on bandage instead. Safe for all pet wound care, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and pets of all shapes and sizes
  • PURE AND NON-TOXIC - KeriCure's Tough Seal Liquid Bandage is made from purified water and an organic polymer designed to mimic the skin's natural barrier function. It contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, petroleums or preservatives. Our liquid bandage first aid for dogs and cats is hypoallergenic, helping to keep your pet from licking or picking at wound sites. It causes no stinging sensation and forms an invisible (CLEAR) yet tough protective barrier on the skin or wound
  • CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY FOR PET WOUND CARE - Form a second skin over your pet's cuts, sores and rashes with the first pure alternative to pet wound care. Tough Seal is an easy-to-use spray-on liquid that dries in less than two minutes. It contains only two ingredients - purified water and a pure, proprietary polymer often used in medical products. It's free from BPA and GMO and contains no latex, silicon, gluten, dyes, fragrances or petroleum products

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